12 Minute Payday Review: Avoid This Pile of S*** At All Costs

12 Minute Payday


Overall Rating



  • Free capture page


  • Too many upsells
  • Deceptive marketing tactics used to get you to sign up
  • Must spend over $2,000 to make money
  • Expensive sign up price

There are many programs out there that I come across and can’t help but wonder how people fall for these scams over and over again. It is programs such as the one in this review that gives online and affiliate marketing a bad name when there are many legit opportunities out there.

This is the problem with 12 Minute Payday. This program, like so many others out there claim that you can make thousands of dollars by the end of the week when that is just not humanely possible. If there is a program out there that makes these kind of outlandish promises, you need to stay away from it. There promises are false and will only leave you more broke than you currently are.

12 Minute Payday is one of these programs. I came across this site when it happened to pop into my scam folder and the moment I checked it out I knew at once that it was a scam.  Just so you can get an idea of how outlandish this program is, let’s jump right into my 12 Minute Payday Review.


Product Name: 12 Minute Payday

Owners: Steven and Justin James

Price: $47, but contain discounts that go as low as $9, two major upsells included

Overall Rating: 10 Points Out of 100


Program Overview

Before we get into the overview of this program in general, I want you to get a sense of who the owners of this program really are and how they came onto the scene of online marketing. The moment you get onto the website you get a brief overview of one of the owners, Justin James. According to his overview he was able to earn about $2.5 million dollars in just a short amount of time. Then he goes on to tell you that he met a guru (no surprise there) who had created this “system” to generate a ton of money on autopilot. Of course during this story, not once does the owner tell you what this system actually is. Needless to say and with no surprise James went on to copy this system and made millions off of it and now from the goodness of his heart he wants to share it with the general public, albeit at a price. Oh…how nice of him…

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How The Program Works

After getting through this bullshit story and once I managed to navigate through the upsells, I finally managed to pay for the lowest membership possible: $9. Once I paid for the membership I was able to gain access into the member’s only area. There I was immediately given a number to call so I could schedule some time to learn from my “millionaire mentor,” but I didn’t call the number? Why? Because I knew that the moment I called that number I was only going to be connected to a sales person that was going to try to pressure me into buying some other product that costs hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Knowing that, I ignored the number and just moved on.

The member’s only area is comprised of 4 different modules, with each module containing a training video that you have to watch, promotional banners that you can use and action buttons to utilize on your website. Some of the products that are mentioned within each module are said to help increase the amount of money that you make and can generate more leads for your business. One of these products includes Guaranteed Wealth which I know for a fact is a binary trading system that will only cause you to lose more money if you do not know what you are doing.

12 Minute Payday Member's Only Area
12 Minute Payday Member’s Only Area

The main way that this program works is that you are forced to plaster your main capture page everywhere and anywhere that you can, getting leads to input their email credentials and then selling them the program by using an auto responder. With that said the only way that you will be able to make money from this system is by promoting 12 Minute payday to others or by promoting an affiliate product to earn a commission off of it.


Pros. Vs. Cons.


  • You receive a free capture page to use the moment that you sign up for the program.


  • Way too many upsells.
  • This program sets unrealistic expectations that you will earn thousands of dollars in just a couple of weeks.
  • In order to make this program work for you, you need to sign up to many other programs.
  • Once you sign up you are asked to spend nearly over $3,000 in products that will “increase your sales earnings.”
  • This program utilizes deceptive marketing tactics just to get you to sign up.



This is one of the major downfalls of this program. The only kind of support that you will get with this program is a basic FAQ section. Even there you are only given the most basic of solutions to any problems that you may encounter with this system. And let’s not even get into getting a refund, because you may not even get one. Below you will see a message that I came across when looking at other reviews for this program of a woman who was struggling to get a refund on the money she invested into the program. Well, just see what she says for yourself.

12 Minute Payday Refund Impossibility
12 Minute Payday Refund Impossibility

The True Price of This Program

While the advertised price for this program is $47, there are many other costs that you are not made aware of right away. Let’s break down the true cost of this system so you can see what kind of money you are asked to spend just to make a living for yourself.

  1. 12 Minute Payday Membership Access: $9 to $47 one time charge for Lifetime access
  2. GVO Autoresponder: $25 a month
  3. Traffic Pool: $34.95 a month (this helps to generate traffic to your sales page)
  4. Webfire and 6 Figure Traffic: $347 to $647 for Lifetime Access (Helps to bring more traffic to your sales page and rank your website to #1 on Google Which Doesn’t Even Happen)
  5. 5 Minute Mogul “Bonus”: $997 For Lifetime Access

These are just the prices I was able to find going through the program myself. However, just here you can see that you are asked to spend nearly over $2,000 just so that you can make a few extra bucks a month. While the saying is true, “to make money, you need to spend money,” the truth of the matter is that you shouldn’t have to spend this much especially in a program that cannot guarantee that you will make your money back.

12 Minute Payday Promoted Products That You Have To Sign Up For.
12 Minute Payday Promoted Products That You Have To Sign Up For.

My Final Opinion

In my honest opinion the 12 Minute Payday System is not the best way to make money online. In fact I think it is the worst way possible to make money online today. If you do not know what you are doing, you cannot make this system work for you to make money. While the creators of this program claim that they made over a million dollars using these same tactics, without showing you the proof, how can you tell if they are being honest or not? On top of that just looking at the system first hand I can immediately tell that this program is not for people who have no experience marketing online at all.

Of course there are some advantages to signing up for this program such as getting a free capture page, but the fact that you are asked to pay nearly $2,000 just to make money, I think this program is absolutely ridiculous.

The truth of the matter is that you will not make thousands of dollars using this system. It is extremely flawed and by the other reviews I have found, it is clear that nobody has made that much money by using this system. Just do yourself a favor and avoid this program at all costs.

My Final Verdict


Straight Up Scam!

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Have you had experience with 12 Minute Payday? What did you think of it? I want to hear from you! Simply drop me a comment below and tell me all about it.


My name is Nessa and I'm the owner of Make Real Money Online Free. I started my online business in 2013 before the birth of my son and now it is my mission to help newbies start their own businesses and succeed online as I have. Sign up for my #1 recommended training course today and learn how to start your own business doing what you love for FREE.

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