5DaysProfit.com Review: How Legit Is It?



Overall Rating



  • Cheap Start Up Costs
  • No recuiting necessary
  • No promotion necessary
  • Easy money


  • You will not get paid!!!

So, I was asked to review yet another make money online program (which I love to do anyway), but this time I was asked to review a program that was relatively new. This program is called 5 Days Profit. Intrigued I began reviewing it right away when I began to notice some similarities between this program and many other similar scams. What did I find? Read my honest 5DaysProfit.com review to find out.


Name: 5 Days Profit

Website URL: www.5daysprofit.com

Owner: Unknown

Advertised Price: $5

Overall Rating: 0 Out of 100 Points


Program Overview

Now, how this program work is a bit confusing for me to explain because it simply makes no sense, so please bear with me. The program is pretty much advertised as being an internet advertising platform known as a revenue share.

5DaysProfit.com Banner
5DaysProfit.com Banner

Pretty much as an affiliate for this program you will need to purchase ad shares for $5 a piece and then you will “earn” rebates for your purchases after 5 days when the ad spaces have earned enough money. The more ad spaces that you purchase, the more money you can earn.

What does this sound like? Oh right! A damn Ponzi scheme.

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What Is A Ponzi Scheme?

A Ponzi scheme is another term for a pyramid scheme where most people are asked to invest in a product or program and are promised higher returns of their money with little to no risk involved whatsoever.

Doesn’t 5DaysProfit.com sound just like one?

Pros Vs. Cons


  • Relatively cheap start up cost
  • Great income opportunity for many people
  • Easy money
  • No recruiting necessary
  • No promotion necessary




How Do I Know This Program Is A Scam?

Well, honestly it is not that hard. When you have been marketing online for as long as I have, you can spot a scam a mile away and this program wreaks of a Ponzi scheme. What is worse is that there are already people stepping forward that claim to have been scammed by these people. Just take a look for yourself at the pics below.


Request To Get Paid Is Going Unanswered
Request To Get Paid Is Going Unanswered
5DaysProfit.com Not Paying!!!
5DaysProfit.com Not Paying!!!

On top of that after consulting ScamAdvisor.com myself, there were many troubling factors that were listed about this website. #1 being that this site is said to originate in the US when in fact the Servers are located somewhere in the Netherlands. The fact that someone is using an IP changer to make it look like this program is in the states is troubling enough, but other factors such as the website only being around for about 1 year and the fact that it is not that old at all is other worrisome factors to be weary of.

What ScamAdvisor says about this website
What ScamAdvisor says about this website


There are many different price options available for 5DaysProfit.com, but of course that all depends on the type and number of shares that you decide to purchase. This is pretty much what they are broken up as and what you can expect to make in return.

The 5DaysPro Plan A

Cost: $5 and Comes with 1-100 Shares

Return of Investment: 160%

The 5Days Pro Plan B

Cost: $500 and Comes With 1 to 3 Shares

Return of Investment: $160

The 5DaysPro Plan C

Cost: $1000 and Comes With 1 to 3 Shares

Return of Investment: 160%

Profit and Cost System 0_o
Profit and Cost System 0_o

Does this make any sense to you?

Don’t worry, it doesn’t make much sense to me either. However, this is what I am able to take away from it.

The only reason why the B and C plan come with less shares is because the owner himself doesn’t expect for people to invest their money in something like this right off the bat. However, he is banking on people investing their money in more shares for less money with Plan A so he can make more of a profit.

Following me so far?

My Final Opinion

I’m sorry but this opportunity is smelling like a Ponzi scheme and is 100%. If it walks like a Ponzi, smells like a Ponzi and talks like a Ponzi, then guess what? It’s an f***ing Ponzi! With no reviews about this website, no real reputation online and only posting from people not getting paid from this company, this is one opportunity that I do not recommend to anybody.

I only recommend that you stay as far away from this program as possible before you lose out on a ton of money! People have already lost a lot of money from this program. Don’t become another victim!

My Verdict:



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Have you been a victim of 5DaysProfit.com? If so I would love to hear from you! Just drop me a detailed comment below.



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