7 Day Cash Money Review: Can it Really Make You Real Money Online In Just 7 Days?

7 Day Cash Money


Overall Rating



  • Cheap cost
  • Given access to 300 pages that you can use
  • Instructions are relatively easy to follow


  • Straight up scam!
  • You are given duplicate content, which is never a good thing
  • The price for what you get is rediculous
  • No support system
  • Limited Training and tools

With people struggling to make ends meet every month, more people are looking for as many ways to make real money online as fast as possible. The problem is people tend to run across many scams before they get the chance to find that one golden opportunity that will help them make the money that they want…hence when I found 7 Day Cash Money.

After working online for a couple of years I know for a fact that if a program sounds too good to be true, it most likely is and that was the mentality behind doing this 7 Day Cash Money Review. So, can 7 Day Cash Money really make you the money that you need in 7 days? Let’s find out!


Name: 7 Day Cash Money

Website URL: www.7daycashmoney.com

Price: $2.99 for 7 day trial then $49.99 for Lifetime Access

Owner: Jean

Overall Rank: 0 Points Out Of 100

Program Overview

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 2.02.20 PM
Bullshit Clickbank Screenshot

This program is pretty much about teaching you how to make the money that you need to make in 7 days or less. However, before you can get to making real money online there is a ton of training that you need to go through as well as setting up over 300 pages designed for Google AdSense and Clickbank to get the money that you want. Alone that could take about 2 weeks to do.


7 Day Cash Money Pros Vs. Cons


  • There are over 300 pages already set up for you to place them up on PPC campaigns.
  •  You don’t have to invest in any more money in order to use the already made pages.
  •  The instructions to get this system working for you are relatively easy to follow, so no confusion there.


  • It is incredibly difficult to generate traffic to 1 page of a website, let alone 300 pages. This system makes it seem that it is relatively easy to do when that is far from the case.
  • The content upon the pages is not 100% unique which can have your website penalized by Google before you even get the chance to make any money.
  • There is no chance that you will get organic search engine traffic to your websites, meaning that you are going to have to buy traffic which has no guarantee of a return of investment.

Look At What A Successful and Popular Internet Marketer Says About The System

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 1.57.48 PM

Who Is 7 Day Cash Money For?

This system and program is specifically designed for those who are looking to make real money online as fast as possible. This program can also be used by people with advanced marketing experience as they will know what to do to generate the traffic they need, however newbies to internet marketing can use this system as well.

Tools and Training For 7 Day Cash Money?

While I have seen better training given in other moneymaking opportunities, 7 Day Cash Money really fails in this area. The only kind of training that you have access to is a variety of short video instructions that you can access and that show you how easy it is to place your pages on to Google (again, not as easy as they claim it to be.)

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 1.54.52 PM
So Called Customer Testimonials…



There is literally little to no support given for this program, especially since you have to invest $49 to have access to it forever. While Jean herself offers to become your personal advisor on the project, it will cost you extra just to gain some words of advice for her.

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The going price for this system is $49 after paying $2.99 for a 7 day trial. While that may seem like you are getting a deal out of it, especially since you are getting access to 300 pages of content that you can monetize, to me it is just not worth is. There are better ways to make money online in my opinion and this is certainly not one of them for the price that you pay.

My Final Opinion

While at first I was intrigued by this system, I have to admit that I am very disappointed with it. Right off the bat this program showed indicators that it was a scam such as giving away duplicate content (which is always a bad thing), showing off a variety of Clickbank screenshots and full out lying to you and saying that you can make thousands of dollars in 7 days which is just not possible for any beginner!

I do not recommend this system whatsoever. The only thing that will happen is that you will lose your money in the long run and be stuck with a bunch of webpages that you won’t even be able to use. Do yourselves a favor and find another moneymaking opportunity that will actually make you money. Stay away from this scam!

My Verdict


Straight Up Scam!

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Have you been scammed by the 7 Day Cash Money System? If so, would you mind sharing your experience with us? Leave us a detailed comment below.


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