8 Best Ways to Increase Traffic for Your Website in 2018-Kick off the Year Right!

New year, new goals!

For many of us who have made New Year’s resolutions for our own businesses, the ultimate goal is to be increase traffic on your website in 2018 to increase sales and increase yearly revenue. It is an easy enough goal to reach, but for many, they are unsure of where to start. Perhaps they have no clue how to increase traffic or unsure of how they can increase the amount of traffic they are already recieving. Read through to the end of this post to learn about the 8 best ways to increase traffic to your website in 2018. These are under utilized ways, but perhaps some of the most successful that you can use this year!

How to Increase Traffic on Your Website in 2018

To drive traffic to your website this year, we are going to look closely at 8 main traffic strategies. These strategies include:

  • Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines + Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay Per Click Marketing
  • Facebook Advertisements
  • Guest Blogging Content
  • Relevant Forums and Discussion Boards
  • Wiki and Quora Answers
  • Word of Mouth Marketing (yes, this is still a thing that exists)
  • Social Followings

While each of these strategies will take some time to implement and yes, will require work on your part, I can promise you that you will see the benefits for yourself before you know it.

Traffic Strategy #1: Google, Bing and Yahoo Search Engines + Search Engine Optimization

What is it?

Google, Bing and Yahoo are search engines that are being used every single day by billions of people as search queries. Many people type into the search engine a question they have and are given a listing of websites that have the potential answer to their question. The reason you will want to use these search engines as part of your own traffic strategy is for the simple fact that it gives you the opportunity to have your wesbite listed in front of thousands of people who are looking for the exact content you are producing.

How to start using it?

Step One: Determine what keywords people are using to find content related to your niche. You do this by using your favorite keyword tool or Wealthy Affiliate’s free keyword tool here.

Step Two: Write your website content using low hanging fruit keywords that you have found in your own keyword research. As a rule of thumb, you want to stick with low hanging fruit keywords that recieve over 100 searches a month and has a QSR of less than 100. This will ensure that you have a greater chance of ranking #1 in the search engines for that particular keyword.

best ways to get traffic to your website

Step Three: Let Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines know about your website and the content you have created. Do this using Google, Bing and Yahoo Search Engine Tools and by uploading a site map.

ways to increase traffic to your website

Step Four: Repeat!

Traffic Strategy #2: Pay Per Click Marketing

What Is It?

ways to increase traffic on your website

Pay Per Click Marketing is a marketing and traffic strategy often used using a paid advertisementg platform to bid on certain keywords that will show up within the search engines in the top positions. The reason you will want to use this tool in your own traffic strategy efforts is because it is a great way to give your new content a jump start within the search engines as well as a great way to measure and test the overall performance of your content and calls to action.

How to start using it?

Step One: Sign up for either Bing Ads or Google Adwords. Setting up an account with either is free.

Step Two: Set an initial budget for your PPC campaign. If done incorrectly, you can quickly lose a lot of money in PPC campaigns without seeing an returns. Starting, I recommend no more than $20 to $30 a day.

Step Three: Create ads that are relevant to where you are sending the traffic to.


  • Bid: holistic dog food brands
  • Ad Copy: “What are the top 10 holistic dog food brands?”
  • Content: “Top 10 holistic dog food brands of the year!”

Step Four: Track results! You want to make sure you see what ads are working and what ads aren’t working. Once you keep track of the ads that are working, scale and leverage them for even more returns on traffic.

Traffic Strategy #3: Facebook Advertisements

What is it?

If you are familiar with Facebook (which I don’t doubt that many of you are), then this is one traffic strategy that should be no secret to you. Facebook Advertisementsis a platform that is used in order to advertise on Facebook to its users. There are many different types of ads you can run ranging from mobile advertisements, banner advertisements, posts, videos, etc.

You want to use this traffic strategy for many reasons. The first being that as of today, there are 2.07 billion Facebook users worldwide, meaning you will be able to reach a relevant audience to see your content based on super targeted ad demographics.The second being that using Facebook advertisements, you will be able to be a social audience within Facebook faster than you would with any other social media platform.

How to start using it?

Step One: Set up a Facebook page. This can be done via your own Facebook profile.

Step Two: Go to the Facebook Ads Manager

Step Three: Determine your ad goals. You will want to use Facebook Insights to achieve this.

Step Four: Set your audience. You will want to determine what sex you are targeting, the age group, age, etc.

Step Five: Create your ad copy. Follow the same rules for ads as you would if you were running a PPC campaign. Keep everything relevant.

Step Six: Set your budget.

Step Seven: Repeat

Traffic Strategy #4: Guest Blogging Content

What is it?

This traffic strategy is an opportunity for you to have your content seen in front of a different reader audience than you would normally see on your own website. You write content relevant to your niche for a variety of sites, building quality backlinks and increasing your audience reach.

The reason you want to use this particular traffic strategy is three fold. First, it is a great way to build up your own brand. Two, it can help to become an additional source of traffic generation to your website. And finally, three, it gives you the opportunity to leverage another blogs SEO power to your benefit.

How to start using it?

Step One: Go to Google. Type in the search bar: “niche” + “write for us.”

how to increase traffic on your website

Step Two: Pick a site and write according to the site’s guidelines.

how to increase traffic on your website

Step Three: Check out Wealthy Affiliate. Search through site feedbacks and comments. Plenty of people are looking for people to write for their sites as long as it is relevant to their niche.

Step Four: Search forums and discussion boards relevant to your niche for writing opportunities.

Step Five: Repeat

Traffic Strategy #5: Relevant Forums and Discussion Boards

What is it?

Forums and disccusion boards are places where you will find like minded people that are willing to discuss relevant topics within your niche. The reason you want to use this traffic strategy is because these are great places that you can gather information related to your niche to use on your own websites. These are great places that you can learn from experts within your niche and ask plenty of questions. These are also great places for you to collaborate with other like minded people within your niche.

How to start it?

Step One: Go to Google. In the search bar, type “your niche” + “forum”

how to increase traffic on your website

Step Two: Join the forum. Most forums are free to sign up for.

best ways to increase traffic for your website

Step Three: Start engaging with other members.

Step Four: Become an active member of the community. This will be important for you to build credibility and trust within your niche.

Step Five: Slowly build a following. This will not happen overnight. It will take months to years.

Step Six: Allow your potential customers come to you.

Step Seven: Repeat.

Traffic Strategy #6: Wiki and Quora Answers

What is it?

Did you know there are still people who use Wiki answers on a daily basis?

NEITHER DID I! And as a result, I found myself losing out on a huge chunk of traffic that I could have been utilizing for the past 4 years!

how to increase traffic to your website

Wiki and Quora answers are places where you can submit answers to a large community and members of that community in turn will answer your questions for you. The reason you want to use this traffic source is becuase not only is it a great way for your to build credibility and authority within your niche, but whatever answers you give can show up within the Google knowledge graph within the search engines as well. It is a great source of qualified traffic that you don’t want to miss out on.

How to start it?

Step One: Sign up for Wiki How or Quora.

Step Two: Find questions related to your niche and answer them, ONLY IF YOU HAVE THE CORRECT ANSWER TO IT! Don’t spam your website link without useful information. You risk being penalized.

Step Three: Repeat.

Traffic Strategy #7: Word of Mouth Marketing

What is it?

Yes, word of mouth marketing is still a traffic strategy that works very much, even in this day and age.

word of mouth marketing

Word of mouth marketing is when you share your website wthin a networking group as an opportunity to expand your reach. It is also when other people mention your business to others within their own networking circle. The reason you want to use this traffic straegy in your marketing plan is because not only can you become a local industry experct within your niche, but it can also give you speaking opportunites, which can give you an edge above your competition when marketing online.

How to start it?

Step one: Create business cards and apparel with your logo

Step Two: Sign up to local meetups related to your niche. This will give you the opportunity to socialize and network with others.

Step Three: Sponsor local events in your area.

Step Four: Hold events where you can reach out to others in your community.

Traffic Strategy #8: Social Followings

What is it?

If you have used any kind of social media app, then I have no doubt in my mind that you have heard about the importance of building a social media following. Social followings is an audience within your social media platforms that already follow you such as from Google +, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and Linked In. The reason you will want to use this traffic strategy is because not only will you be able to humanize your own brand, but you will also be able to build authority within your own niche in a relaxed and familiar environment.

ways to increase traffic for your website

How to start it?

Step One: Sign up to any relevant social media channels that you are familiar with using.

Step Two: Follow and engage with experts within your niche.

Step Three: Engage with any people that follow you and show them that you are HUMAN.

Step Four: Make sure to follow the 80/20 rule. When doing so, make sure to post links to your guest blogs, content on your website, answers you have given to Quora answers and forum posts. KEEP LINKS AT A MINIMUM. The last thing that you want to do is have a social profile where all you do is spam links.

Step Five: Repeat!

My Final Thoughts

Hopefully by the end of this post, you are ready to begin implementing the 8 best ways to increase traffic for your website. Remember, in order to drive a decent amount of traffic, this is something that will take time to implement. But, if you take the time every single day to use one of the strategies, I can see you seeing a new flow of traffic hitting your website in no time.

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