Affiliate Millionaire Club: Can It Really Make You An Online Millionaire? Think Again!

Affiliate Millionaire Club


Overall Rating



  • Affiliate marketing is a legit way to make money online


  • This program makes too many false promises of how much money you can make
  • The websites are limited in terms of content, meaning it won’t get ranked high in Google
  • Tons of fake testimonials used
  • Fake screenshots of earnings earned through Clickbank
  • No community to help you succeed

My Honest Affiliate Millionaire Club Review

Name: Affiliate Millionaire Club

Website URL:

Website Owner: Mo

Advertised Price: $27, $37, $47 and various upsells

Overall Rating: 20 Points out of 100 Points
Verdict: Not Recommend

Program Overview

When I first came across Affiliate Millionaire Club, upon viewing the video, I honestly couldn’t believe what I was seeing. This program is a membership type program that claims you can make $1,200 a day…FOR LIFE! The way that this website claims to help you make money is a special tactic used to promote affiliate marketing. The software that is provided helps you to build various copycat websites in any niche, help you choose a product to promote and a place to add in your unique affiliate link.

Seems like easy work, doesn’t it? Don’t be too hasty to jump the gun just yet!

Pros. Vs. Cons.


  • Affiliate marketing is a legit way to make money online


  • This program makes too many false promises of how much money you can make
  • The websites are limited in terms of content, meaning it won’t get ranked high in Google
  • Tons of fake testimonials used
  • Fake screenshots of earnings earned through Clickbank
  • No community to help you succeed
  • Will only teach you to build low quality websites that won’t make you money


Who Is It For?

While it may seem this program is targeted to those who wish to make money online, unfortunately it is only targeted to those who have no experience marketing online. Why is this? It is because those with no experience are unfortunately easy to take advantage of and this is something this program does too often.

Tools and Support

The only tool that is readily available within Affiliate Millionaire Club is a website making software that helps you to pump out affiliate websites in just a matter of minutes. The problem with this type of software is that it is only designed to create duplicate sites, with duplicate content that will only get you penalized within Google. These websites will not help you to create a sustainable affiliate business.

As far as support, the only support you will receive is in the form of a standard email ticketing system, which to no surprise, you will never receive an answer from.

What I Don’t Like About Affiliate Millionaire Club

While I am a successful online marketer, there are WAY too many things that I don’t like about this program that many newbies aren’t aware of when they first land on the website. Some of the things I don’t like about this program include:

1. Fake Testimonials Are Used

Many of the so called “testimonials” listed on the main website or in the main video that is used to promote this program are actually fake. Most of these testimonials come from a website known as and in fact look at the images below to see the truth behind these testimonials for yourself.

Affiliate Millionaire Club Scam

2. Too Many Complaints From Actual Users

Another thing that I don’t like about this program is the amount of complaints it has gained from people who have tried it for themselves. Some of the complaints that have been given about this program include:

I once paid $37 to join this program that offered big promises. However, the moment I got inside I was ripped off of another $197. When I had some questions regarding what I had learned, I tried to contact their support section listed on the homepage of the member’s panel over three times, but never received an answer back. That was nearly two weeks ago! When I even went as far as to reply to the emails I received from them, I still received no answer. I ended up closing my checking account and reported Affiliate Millionaire Club as fraud. Today I wish I had received some kind of warning before spending my money on false promises. Waste of time.

-Alfred Dobkowski, Technical Genius, LinkedIn

I was sent an email about this program and decided to check it out. Within 10 minutes I ended up spending over $197 with the allure of fake promises that would never be granted. It’s been 2 months and while the site claims to have a money back guarantee, I have yet to receive my full refund. What a joke!

-Oliver, Kearney, Nebraska

Affiliate Millionaire Club is a pure scam! It provides very little value and false promises to people who are in need of extra money to pay their bills. Their promise to help you earn $1,200 a day is not realistic at all and the truth of is that 99% of members will never earn this amount. These people should be reported!

-Rufat, Your Income Advisor

3. Way Too Many Fake Reviews Out There

Upon searching the term “Affiliate Millionaire Club review” in Google, I was not surprised to find the many dishonest and downright fake reviews left by members trying to make a quick buck. Many of these reviews ended up leaving the same content of false promises and even bargains as to how to drive laser targeted traffic to your website so you can start making thousands of dollars in a matter of days. Not only are these claims downright false, but it does not teach you the correct methods to make money affiliate marketing. In my opinion it brings a bad name to affiliate marketing as a whole.

4. The Training Is Pure Crap

Unfortunately, the one part of this program that should be worthwhile fails short of educating newbies about how to realistically make money online through affiliate marketing. Unfortunately, the only thing this program teaches you about important affiliate marketing tactics is to make duplicate sites and spam your friends, family and all of Facebook with your links. Not only will this not work, but you won’t see a dime for all of your hard work.

What you really need to be successful in affiliate marketing is to use content strategies that offer insightful and helpful information for the people visiting your site, how to share your posts via a special Facebook page, how to create high quality backlinks to get your site ranked in Google, the best SEO practices to use in your site and content or even video marketing. Without these important strategies, you will never make serious money with affiliate marketing.

My Final Opinion

In my honest opinion, and excuse my language here, Affiliate Millionaire Club is shit. Not only will you not make anywhere near $1,200 a day using their system, but you will never learn how to truly make money the legit way with affiliate marketing and the only thing you will walk away with is a disdain and hate for the industry as a whole.

With the lack of legitimate affiliate marketing training, fake reviews, fake testimonials and a ton of complaints left by members who have tried the program for themselves, this is one program I WILL NOT RECOMMEND WHATSOEVER. It is better to learn the right way to become a successful affiliate marketer than to fall for something that will never help you to make the money you need.

With that said I highly recommend staying away from this program at all costs. If you want to learn how to market affiliate products CORRECTLY, there are way better programs out there like Wealthy Affiliate that will teach you how to set up a content niche site that focuses on unique and quality content then something duplicate that can harm your business in the long run.

Final Verdict:

thumbs down


Have you tried Affiliate Millionaire Club? If so, what was your experience. Regardless, I would love to hear from you! Just drop me a detailed comment below!


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