Backlinking 101: How To Get Good Backlinks The Legit Way

In the online marketing world, it seems that everything revolves around Google and backlinks. However, one of the most common questions that I get today is How do you get good backlinks? What makes a good backlink? With the threat of Google’s constant updates, these are legit questions to ask.

So, in this post I will teach you how to get good backlinks the legit way so you can rank faster and better for those keywords you are targeting.

Backlinking 101: What Makes For A Quality Backlink?

A quality backlink comes from relative domains in your particular niche. So, let’s say that there is a website that links to your website and that also has a high domain authority AND very similar content to ones on your site. What this means is that this particular link is a very good backlink and will help to boost your SEO.

What makes for a bad backlink?

A bad backlink is one that comes from sites that are completely unrelated to your own and does not have any related content. These types of sites can negatively affect your own site by having a negative impact on your SEO.

How To Get Good Backlinks

How To Get Good Backlinks The Legit Way

Now, there are various backlinking strategies out there that you can utilize to build backlinks to your site. However, most of the strategies that you will find today are outdated and will not help your site to dominate the SERPS.

Instead I will give you a few proven strategies that work in today’s world and will help boost your sites SEO.

1. Check Out Your Competitions Backlinks

Perhaps the best and easiest way to begin building backlinks for your site is going to be looking at the backlinks that your competitors have. By replicating what your competition is doing, it can help you build even more links than them and build your brand and authority in the process.

There are many tools out there that you can use to do this such as Monitor backlinks or Ahrefs.

Once you have found the kind of links your competition has, try to get the same ones they have. This step may be challenging at first but if you take the first step and at least attempt it, expect to see great results.Blog Comments

2. Blog Comments

Now, this is something that many experienced affiliates will shy away from and I can’t imagine why. Leave a comment on a blog that is relative to your own niche is a great way to earn a backlink. But, if you just leave a comment just for the sake of getting a backlink, then that will not get you anywhere. Instead aim for leaving a helpful and interesting comment. This will help your link to stick and may even lead to a few extra visitors to your site.Write Guests Posts

3. Write Guests Posts

This is perhaps one of the best methods to gain backlinks in my opinion. When it comes to guest posting all that you are doing is writing posts or articles on other websites related to your niche. This method of gaining backlinks will help you to tap into an audience that has already been established, earn a backlink and drive high quality and relevant traffic to your website.

There are various ways that you can find websites in your niche that are accepting guest posts. The best way to find sites that will accept guest posts is by utilizing this method:

  • Go to google and type into the search bar:
  • Guest author + keyword of your choice
  • Guest post + keyword of your choice
  • Become an author + keyword of your choice
  • Guest blogger + keyword of your choice

When you are accepted to write for a guest post, make sure that your writing is of the highest quality and that you have enough experience in what you are writing about.

So there you have it! You have learned how to get good backlinks the legit way and hopefully have learned how to avoid bad backlinks in the process. Continue working on building high quality backlinks and stay away from irrelevant spammy links and I can see your site outranking your competitors in no time!


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