Banners Broker Review: Beware This Ponzi Scheme

Banners Broker


Overall Rating



  • Variety of options available to members to help them save more money in the long run
  • Can buy only the amount of traffic that you need


  • Too many complaints from current members
  • Score of F with BBB
  • Not paying commissions that members earn
  • Too complex for new members to follow

Out of all of the programs and products that are designed to make you money online and that I have reviewed, none of them quite compares to this program. While reviewing this program I found out how much of Ponzi scam this is and how many people have lost thousands of dollars the moment they were partnered with them. Before I get into the full review you must know this: This program is a huge Ponzi scam and this review will be more of a warning to help those avoid losing money from this program! BEWARE BANNER’S BROKER!

Name: Banners Broker
Website url:
Price: Varies based on the level of package that you purchase
Owners: Chris Smith
Overall Rank:  0 out of 100 (SCAM)


Product Overview

This program was originally designed to help people grow their online business using paid traffic services that use banner ads to feature this traffic and which can come in a variety of types and sizes. Right off the bat there are multiple problems with this program such as being lied to straight by the owners and having to pay money up front first before being allowed access to their services.


Banner’s Brokers Pros vs Cons


-Most banner ads that are viewed on the site are by those that own a very valuable online business

-There are a variety of options available to members to help them move on to the next level without having to throw out more money to do so

-This program allows online business owners to buy only the right amount of traffic that they need

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Banner’s Broker Headline



-Multiple reports filed against them for not paying commissions to members starting from December 2012

-Ownership of this program is something that is confusing. The name has changed many times over the years and now many believe the “name” of the owner is a name of a person that really does not exist

-Some of the payment options that are offered to members don’t exist anymore as they have been discontinued

-This program is so complex that most members quit before they even get the chance to earn any commissions

-Cannot use PayPal merchant account (huge red flag as PayPal indicates that this is a Ponzi scheme)

-Has an F score with the Better Business Bureau

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Is Banner’s Broker a Ponzi Scheme?

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 4.50.03 PM
Banner’s Broker Packages: How They Work

The answer to this question is a 100% yes. You can make a judgement for yourself but as an example I have placed an image here to show you of a group that I found on Facebook that claims this site is a Ponzi scheme. Come on, with over 11,000 members and still growing this raises immediate red flags in my head. When this many people are reporting that they have been ripped off by one program, something is wrong in my opinion.

If you are not sure what a Ponzi Scheme is, I’ll help you out here. By definition a Ponzi scheme is an investment operation that is fraudulent that makes money from its investors (ie. You) and keeping all of the money to themselves. Based upon this definition and both the facebook group that I found, do you think this program is a Ponzi scheme? I believe it is.


The price for this system varies greatly and is all based upon the kind of traffic that you purchased. If you are confused bear with me a little because I was confused at first myself. Each “package” that you can buy range in price starting from $150 and going up to as high as $11, 030. However, each package has prerequisites that must be filled in order to purchase it and you must invest more money into the program to buy the traffic hits that you want? Does that make any sense? No?

Well pretty much you can either pay $150 for the basic package or $11, 030 for the prestige package.


My Final Opinion

In my honest opinion, this program is designed to accomplish one thing and one thing only: make you go broke. With all the obvious complaints from people all over the internet and the ridiculous amount they expect you to pay in order to make a fraction of that money back, this program is definitely a scam. Not only will you not receive the commissions you are promised, but you will lose out on more money in the long run. Stay away from this program.


My Verdict





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Pros vs. Cons


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