Bring The Fresh Review: How Fresh Is It?

Bring The Fresh


Overall Rating



  • 1 Week Money Back Guarantee
  • Easy Step-By-Step program
  • Owners of very well known in the industry
  • Software is simple to use


  • No Free trial
  • Many upsells
  • Limited training

Name: Bring The Fresh

Website URL:

Price: $7 trial and $89 lifetime membership+lots of up sells

Owner: Kelly Felix

Overall Rank: 75 out of 100

Program Overview

Bring The Fresh is a program that contains a specially designed online marketing system that is used to help rank your websites that top of any search engine. Bring the Fresh also happens to be an online website building system that includes various training tools that help you to build a successful money making website despite what kind of experience you have. But can it really help you make real money online free? Read on to find out.


Pros vs. Cons


▪1 Week Money Back Guarantee-After trying Bring The Fresh, if you decide that it is not the marketing system for you, you can easily get your money back. Many affiliate programs online don’t even offer this so, this is a good system just by this.

▪Simple Software-this specially designed software allows you to build beautiful looking websites with just a few simple clicks.

▪Step-By-Step Program-allows you to easily build your business by follow easy to follow steps made by professionals.

▪Owners of the program are well known in the industry

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Bring The Fresh Capture Page



▪You cannot try the program for free-in order to access the members area you must first make a payment of $7. This can be a pain for those who don’t have the money to try it.

▪Training via Webinars-while many people are successful in learning how to start and maintain an online business this way, many other will not and they will not be able to learn well using this method.

▪Lots of up sells-many offers that Bring The Fresh offers are really quite unnecessary and expensive.


Who Is Bring The Fresh For?

AS this program is an online program offering step-by-step website building training that is supposed to help you get those sites to the top of search engines, this program is meant for pretty much any one. However, like many other affiliate marketing programs out there, this program is simply not meant for those who are looking to make quick cash online.


Training and Tools

The training that is provided within the Bring The Fresh program is comprised of primarily only webinars and expert advice from the creators Mike Long and Kelly Felix.

The tools that are included in the Bring The Fresh program include:

  • Simple Website Building Software. However, hosting is not included in all of this.
  • Article Creation Tool for those who need extra help when it comes to writing quality articles
  • Link Building Tool which is essential for ranking websites in search engines.
  • Tools to generate high quality traffic
  • Creative Spinner Tools which help to make every article you write 100% unique

The various training and tools that are offered by Bring The Fresh are often and constantly updated whenever Google changes. This is great because the members of BTF are kept up to date on the information that they need in order to be successful online.

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This is actually what Bring The Fresh Is All About



The support given by the Bring The Fresh community consists of a customer service page as well as a very active community forum. The forum consists of of an impressive 10,000 active members. What makes it impressive is that even the owners tend to make frequent appearances on there. The forum is very easy enough to navigate with the easy titles and the use of active moderators. Bring The Fresh also offers a FAQ’s page which any member can access to answer any commonly asked questions that they may have.



▪$7 For 1 Week Trial-the way the trail works is after a week your credit card will be automatically charged a fee of $87 but if and ONLY if “you are making money and decide to stay.” It truly doesn’t get any better than that

▪$37 For Lifetime-this fee DOES NOT include access to the training and system offered by the Bring The Fresh community.


 My Final Opinion

In my honest opinion the Bring The Fresh community is a truly solid training program that offers not only fresh content, but also relevant training in the affiliate industry. However, with the many up sells and optional tools a member can get, this program will most likely burn a hole in your wallet. Also the community can become confusing to navigate with all the different options you have to purchase. While this is a great program, I STRONGLY DON’T recommend it for new affiliate marketers, at least not until they get the basics of marketing down first.



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Have you had experience with Bring The Fresh? Have you made money using the training that they have offered? If so I would love to hear about your experience with the program. Leave your own review or experience in a detailed below and remember, the more thorough you are the better :-)

Reviewed by: Nessa



My name is Nessa and I'm the owner of Make Real Money Online Free. I started my online business in 2013 before the birth of my son and now it is my mission to help newbies start their own businesses and succeed online as I have. Sign up for my #1 recommended training course today and learn how to start your own business doing what you love for FREE.

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