Can Affilorama Really Make You Money?



Overall Rating



  • Free trial available
  • Training courses that are offered are easy to follow
  • Online community


  • Too many options to choose from

Affilorama is yet another make money online opportunity that I came across recently and I know I was not the only person to wonder if it really could make a person some money. Well after trying out the product for myself for 3 months the answer to this question may seem very surprising. So, here is my honest Affilorama review.

Name: Affiliorama


Price: $1 thirty day trial, $67 monthly, $497 for three years + upsells

Owner: Mark Ling

Overall Rank: 80 out of 100


Affilorama is yet another online make real money program that I came across recently. This program is literally an online community solely based around teaching you how to become an affiliate marketer. Within this program there are several levels of membership that you can enroll with and there are a variety of different products on there that you can choose to promote in order to make some cash online. Of course just as with the membership, these products range in level from simply basic to more advanced options.

Unlike many make money online programs out there Affilorama is always constantly updating its training materials and change its tactics based on how the industry changes itself. In this review I am going to break down everything you need to know about the program and show you why it is considered to be one of the best affiliate marketing membership sites on the Internet today.

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Pros vs. Cons


  • There is a free membership that is offered with this program and you can try the program out before you make any type of investment.
  • Very easy to follow training courses available.
  • You are given access to one of the leading online marketing communities out there once you sign up with them.


  • There are so many options available that it makes choosing the right program for you kind of difficult.

Affilorama Sales Pitch

  • When you sign up for the basic program it is very limited which does not allow you to do much. This is turn pressures you to buy into the program before you are ready.
  • The support that is offered within Affilorama is control by the owners support team, not by the owner himself.
  • Some of the material that is put together in the training can be very inaccurate and outdated which can prove harmful to your online business.

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Who Is It For?

Since this program offers a variety of different membership levels that you can choose from and they offer different levels of training in each level, Affilorama is a program that is made for pretty much anybody who wants to become an online affiliate marketer.

Training and Tools

The first training that you will come across in this program is when you sign up for the basic level. The training consists of many videos and tools that you can use in an easy step-by-step fashion. The other forms of training that are available with this program include easy to follow boot camp style videos, content that is made just for your particular niche and many interviews with very successful online entrepreneurs.

One of the tools that Affilorama offers to its members is called the “Affilorama Jetpack.” This tool is very handy at it is a tool used to create your own website automatically. And as with any website you need hosting which Affilorama offers as well.


Just like with any other online community, most of the support that members can expect is within the community itself. So if you ever find that you have a bunch of questions that you need answers or are stuck on a part of the training you are more than welcome to ask any other members of the Affilorama community via the program’s message board or community forum. However, when you get support in this fashion you will need to wait a while for another member to give you a response which if you are in a rush may not sit well with you.


  • Premium Membership-$67 per month

-this membership includes: software that is needed, training, and very limited access to hosting and the community forum


  • AffiloBlueprint 3.0 Membership-$197 one –time payment, then $67 per month after

-this membership includes 13 different lessons and 85 different videos that cover a variety of topics such as how to gain free traffic to your website. affiliate marketing, niche marketing and 6 different themes for your WordPress website.


  • AffiloJetpack Membership-$497 one-time payment

-this membership includes your choice of 5 different niche packages, 15 different newsletter e-mail series to choose from in each niche, 3 e-books for your niche, access to Affilotheme which is an exclusive WordPress theme for your blog, graphics for your niche and 20 different PLR articles.


  • Affilotheme-$97 one-time payment

-this includes Affilotheme WordPress, in depth and specific training on how to use the theme correctly, a graphics creation tool, a private members only forum and one year of hosting for your websites.

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My Final Opinion

Premium Marketing Tools

In my honest opinion, unlike many make money online programs out there, besides Wealthy Affiliate I think that Affilorama may be the next best thing. Aside from some of the training material being outdated this program is one of the few available that offers top notch training, tools and support that will guarantee your success in making real money online.

However, the one thing that did bother me about this program was the number of different up sells it contained right when you sign up for the site. In my opinion if a product is that good, there is no need to have that many up sells in order to sell it. It should be able to sell itself. If you do decide to go with this online community I highly recommend that you start with the basic membership package and move onto the Premium once you believe you are ready. Also think before you buy any tools because a majority of the time you can find those tools online completely for free.






Definitely worth a shot, just be wary of the up sells.


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If you have any questions for me about the Affilorama program or want to tell me what you experience has been as a member, I would love to hear from you. Simply drop me a detailed comment below.


My name is Nessa and I'm the owner of Make Real Money Online Free. I started my online business in 2013 before the birth of my son and now it is my mission to help newbies start their own businesses and succeed online as I have. Sign up for my #1 recommended training course today and learn how to start your own business doing what you love for FREE.

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  • July 13, 2014 at 10:41 pm

    Overall Rating


    Hey great review! I have recently signed up for the free training there. Glad to know the set up before I go any further. Thanks for the 411. -RDub

    • July 18, 2014 at 9:26 pm

      Hey not a problem. Affilorama is a great online community that can certainly teach you the basics of running your own online business. Good luck to you. Thanks for leaving a comment 🙂


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