Cash with Oz Scam-Red Flags, Red Flags Everywhere!

My Honest Cash with Oz Scam Review

Name: Cash with Oz

Website URL:

Owner: Jason Scott

Advertised Price: $97 with upsells

Overall Rating: 10 Points out of 100 Points
Verdict: Borderline Scammy

Product Overview

The Cash with Oz system, while at first may seem just like any other opportunity out there is just a means to promote another program known as MOBE or My Online Business Empire. So, in order to understand what Cash with Oz is all about, you need to understand what MOBE is all about.

So, what is MOBE and how does it relate to the Cash with Oz system?

For starters MOBE is known as My Online Business Empire. It is a high ticket direct selling company created by the man Matt Lloyd. With this program, Matt Lloyd has made well over $50,000, 000 and has even helped a few others to earn six to seven figure incomes. While MOBE itself is a legitimate company, their business models is what have caused an onslaught of people calling this a scam. Thousands of people have lost thousands of dollars on this program alone, making it one of the most hated programs online right now.

Don’t believe me? Ask a few members of the Wealthy Affiliate community who lost $2,000 in one go on that ridiculous program.

So, how does MOBE relate to Cash with Oz?

Well, it’s the same thing.

The video that you watch on the original landing page of the Cash with Oz site leads directly to the MOBE homepage. Cash with Oz is nothing but a front for MOBE and is made to be a get rich quick scheme. Even on the front page it claims that you can make $500 just for watching the video, which let’s face it, never has paid out to anybody.

Pros. Vs. Cons.


  • Can turn into a legitimate opportunity for those who have the investment necessary


  • The core product is a high-ticket item
  • Too many scam red flags
  • Fabricated by the owner of MOBE just to push the MOBE opportunity on more people
  • The $500 guarantee is nothing more than a load of b.s.
  • This program will not make you money

Who Is It For?

This program while primarily for those who have experience marketing online, is typically marketed to newbies and those who don’t understand marketing whatsoever.

What I Don’t Like About Cash with Oz

There are many things that I don’t like about the Cash with Oz system. Some of the things that I don’t like include:

1. The Owner Tries To Hard To Cover Up What This Product Really Is

If you do your research correctly, it is quickly apparent that the owner of Cash with Oz is trying too hard to cover up what this program really is, MOBE. From the moment you enter your email to the various landing pages you come across trying to sell you a membership, you are reminded that this is a program to help promote MOBE.

Either MOBE has gotten way too many complaints over the years or the owner of MOBE Matt Lloyd has gotten in trouble legally for his system, it is apparent that they are trying to make it seem that this program is something unrelated.

2. How the System Itself Works

cash with oz review

I have come across my fair share of scams over the years, and this one certainly infuriates me like no other program I have ever come across.

Upon signing up for the program and paying the initial $97 for the membership, you will go through 21 steps of training related to Internet Marketing and that is so basic, you can find the information readily available online for free. Upon completing this training system, you come across your first upsell of MOBE which has a price tag of $2,500. Upon purchasing this license, your next task is to begin promoting the EXACT system you yourself just went through to other people.

Now, don’t get me wrong. There are plenty of marketers out there who are able to sell high ticket items with ease. There is nothing wrong with that, as long as the product they are selling is valuable and helpful to others. The main issue with this program is that it does not do that. You are not selling anything valuable or remotely helpful. You are just selling the same system you purchase. In fact, you are selling pretty much nothing at all.

3. The B.S. $500 Guarantee That Doesn’t Exist

Remember that guarantee that you saw on the front landing page for Cash with Oz? Yeah, while there is a guarantee, there are a few stipulations that many people may not be aware of at first.

  • Stipulation #1: You must complete the 21 step training in 21 days
  • Stipulation #2: You need to dedicate yourself wholeheartedly into the program which could mean incurring additional costs in the process.
  • Stipulation #3: You need to follow up with your mentor in a timely manner
  • Stipulation #4: You will earn the $500 if you don’t make a commission within 30 days

The main problem with these stipulations is not dedicating yourself to the program or even following up with your mentor, it is the second stipulation which means that you will have to invest your money into the system in order for it to work, which means you will need to pay the original $2,500 investment that you come across within the training itself.

So, you will be out $2,500 but gain $500 back…by the end if the program doesn’t work for you than you are out $2,000. ‘Cause you know, that seems fair…

4. The Various Cash with Oz Reviews and Complaints Listed Online

Now this is something that all people need to take into account when reviewing this program. If there is one thing that is in abundance of this program, it is the amount of reviews and complaints left by people who lost money on this system. Just take a look for yourself below what some people have been saying about this program.

Wow! I was honestly going to fall for this program. I made the mistake of giving them my number at signup and now they keep texting me. What a bunch of assholes!

-Kassy, OnlineFinancialCuccesStory comment section

I bought into this program for $49 and never received training or info on the program like expected. All I got were emails to sell me something else I don’t need.

-Gloria Rowe

I was a member of MOBE for a while and lost thousands of dollars during my time there. What you AREN’T told are about the various fees such as the initial investment, the monthly fee to keep your membership and the cost of marketing their crappy program. The moment these people had my money, customer service was pretty much non-existent. It was the worst financial mistake I ever made in my life.

-Olaf Fischer

I spent well over $4,999 and now keep getting the run around. I keep trying to contact these people to get my money back but nobody has contacted me since I sent it in. Can someone please help me?


I lost $2,000 on this shit program! I’m going to file a complaint with the FTC. This program needs to be stopped, by any means necessary.

-Mark Lowle


After carefully looking at this system by looking at careful components such as the training provided, complaints left by actual members, the MOBE system and the price of this program, this is one I can’t recommend whatsoever. In my experience those that spend money on this program, will only continue to lose money as they try to promote it. The best thing that you can do is concentrate on growing your own business selling your own products or legitimate products from other companies instead of focusing on promoting the same scam system to others.

Final Verdict:

thumbs down

Not Recommended! Borderline Scammy

Have you fallen for the Cash for Oz system? If so, what did you think of it? Let me know in the comments section below!

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