Home Website Builder 2.0 Review-Can It Really Make You Money?

Home Website Builder 2.0


Overall Rating



  • Money back guarantee
  • It is ok for beginners


  • Pre-made websites
  • Niches are too broad
  • Price
  • Must pay for separate hosting

Name: Home Website Builder

Website URL: www.homewebsitebuilder.com

Owner: Chris Ripley

Price: $57 Lifetime Membership

Overall Rank: 50 Out Of 100


Product Overview

Home Website Builder 2.0 is a product that is available online that claims to be able to help those who sign up make money online as easy as clicking a mouse. This product also claims to help users make their own personal moneymaking website for free. After trying this product out for myself for more than 4 months, I learned for myself that these claims are not necessarily true. In this review you will learn for yourself if this product is as good as it seems.

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Home Website Builder Owner Chris Ripley


Pros Vs. Cons


  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee-Now before you get all excited, there is a lot that is tied into this money back guarantee. In order to qualify for this guarantee a person must first make a real effort to using this product and you must contact the sites customer service with any questions you may have. You must also follow their advice to use their system before you can get your money back. In my opinion it is just more trouble than it is actually worth.
  • OK for beginners-even though this site claims to be a perfect way for beginners to enter the world of affiliate marketing, I don’t recommend it for beginners. I do recommend it for those who have experience in affiliate marketing and have made money online before using this method.


  • Pre-Made Websites-The Home Website Builder 2.0 program gives all of its members the option to create easy websites. The downfall of this is that all of these sites are nearly identical so you are given the same site that your competition uses.
  • Using Niches That Are Too Broad-Certain niches such as weight loss, relationship advice and paid surveys are niches that are considered to be way too broad and are heavy with competition. These areas are highly saturated and the chance of your site ranking #1 for a keyword for that niche is highly unlikely. Considering this, Home Website builder 2.0 makes it almost impossible for you to succeed.
  • Must Pay For Separate Hosting
  • Price-many people simply do not have $57 plus the $20 required for each site in order to make a living online. This is a major downfall to HWB 2.0.

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Who Is Home Website Builder 2.0 For?

From my own personal experience with Home Website Builder 2.0, I found that new affiliate marketers will not benefit from this program whatsoever. For those who have no experience with online marketing or know how to gain traffic to their websites will not succeed with this site. From my experience I have found that this program is more targeting towards more experienced marketers and they will have a much better chance of succeeding as an online affiliate marketer.

There are many different kinds of training and tools that Home Website Builder 2.0 offers to its members. The training that is provided is done via eBooks so in order for members to learn everything they need to succeed as an online affiliate marketer must read pdf files that are dozens of pages long. These eBooks range in topic from promoting on social networking sites to the best way to generate traffic to your site.

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 11.57.05 PM
Home Website Builder Dashboard


One of the tools that Home Website Builder 2.0 recommends to its members is a tool called Webfire. This product claims to be able to rank your website in 7 minutes or less on Google. The product though may seem like a dream come to true is in my opinion a waste of money. The overall cost of this program ranges from $499 for yearly access, $299 for 6-month access and $99 every month for monthly access. In my opinion it is just best to save your money.


Home Website Builder 2.0 does offer a support system via an e-mail exchange. That’s about it.


The price for Home Website Builder 2.0 program goes as follows:

  • Lifetime Fee of $147-with this price it includes 2 years of free hosting, 150 ready to use websites, customer support, online advertising coupons, sales tracking and full control panel access of your website.

Then if you try to just go for the basic membership…

  • A One Time Fee of $97-this price includes everything that is listed above.

Then again if you try to go just for the basic membership…

  • Another One Time Fee of $57-this price includes everything that is listed above. However, this offer is only good for the first 24 hours.
  • Basic Membership-$0, which includes only 2 free websites that members can build.
  • 24.95 for each domain that you purchase-again this does not include hosting fees if you are not a PRO member

My Final Opinion

Home Website Builder 2.0 is definitely not a scam. I have seen for myself how the product works and though it does have the potential to make you money, the chance of you actually succeeding is very slim due to the highly saturated markets that these niches consist of. While this product may not be a scam, I definitely don’t recommend it for anybody who is just starting out in the world of affiliate marketing. For newbies it is best to save your money and go for a program that will get you started off on the right foot.



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Have you used the Home Website Builder 2.0 program? Was your experience like mine? Did you successfully make money from it? If so I would love to hear from you. Just simply drop me a detailed comment below telling me about your experience!

Submitted By: Nessa



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