My Home Job Search: Can It Help You Find A Legitimate Work From Home Job?

My Home Job Search


Overall Rating



  • Beautiful website design


  • Not a real job search website
  • Uses stock photos for testimonials
  • Fake Owner
  • Personal information is used to sell to 3rd parties

As someone who went homeless and struggled to find legit work from home opportunities that would keep a roof over my head, this is one of those programs that I hate reviewing. I remember coming across hundreds of these sites that prey on people who are struggling with the lie of telling them they can work from home…. only if they pay a fee first.

So, when I first came across My Home Job Search, I knew what is was the moment I opened the tab. I knew I had to review this site to help others who are struggling online, to avoid sites like this.

So, what did I find out?

Read my full and honest My Home Job Search review below to find out!


Name: My Home Job Search

Website URL:

Website Owner: Michael Anderson

Advertised Price: $29

Overall Rating: 1 Point out of 100 Points
Verdict: Absolute Crap

Program Overview

The only reason I even came across My Home Job Search in the first place is that it was being promoted a HELL OF A LOT on Facebook and I even saw a couple of tweets on Twitter. My Home Job Search is none other than a fake job search portal that claims to help you find legitimate work from home jobs. This website claims that you can make $14-$56 an hour just by working as an employee.

Unfortunately, this “job portal” is run by some affiliate marketer in hopes of snagging those desperate for work in order to make his own commissions from them. It is not a real online job portal and soon you shall see how I know that to be true.

Pros Vs. Cons:


  • Beautiful website design
  • Free money making eBook


  • Not a real job search website
  • Uses stock photos for testimonials
  • Fake Owner
  • Personal information is used to sell to 3rd parties


Training, Tools and Support?

While this website claims to offer exclusive training to those who sign up, those who upgrade to the Premium membership are the ones who are able to unlock it. However, upon unlocking it the so-called “training” is nothing more than links to other websites where you can make money online. Not only will this not help you land a legit online job, but it is only meant to earn the owner a commission they would make off of you.

My Home Job Search Reviews

The same goes for their support. While the site claims to have a 1-800 number that you can contact any time, you are not given access to it until you upgrade your membership.

What I Don’t Like About My Home Job Search

There are plenty of things that I don’t like about My Home Job Search. Some of the things I don’t like about the program include:

1. Not A Real Job Listing Website

Unlike what the site claims itself to be, this is not a legitimate job searching website and that is something that I absolutely hate. With many people out there who suddenly lose their jobs and turn to online means to make ends meet, this is exceptionally cruel.

In the end, even if you pay the membership fee on this site, it will not help you to find a legitimate work from home job. The only thing it is going to do is give the person who created this site a commission regardless if you sign up for the site for free.

2. The Testimonials On The Website Are Fake

Another thing that I hate about this site is that the testimonials listed on the website are actually fake.

How do I know this?

I just did a simple search.

You see, when I saved two of the images upon the site in the testimonial section and did a reverse image search on them, it came back with results stating that these images were indeed from a stock photo website. What does this mean? It simply means that the owner of this website went onto this stock photo site and used them to create his testimonials.

My Home Job Search ReviewMy Home Job Search ReviewMy Home Job Search ReviewMy Home Job Search Reviews

The testimonials are not from real members.

They are only products of the website creator himself in order to add appeal to the website and to get more people to sign up and pay the membership to the site. That is all.

My Final Opinion

Just as I said in the beginning of this review, this is one of those fake job sites that I absolutely hate. From someone who struggled for years trying to find legitimate online work, this type of site sickens me simply because I know way too many people are going to fall for it.

Not only is this site a fake, but it will not help you to find legitimate work online. It was solely created for the purpose to make the owner of the site money. Not you.

With that said I highly recommend staying as far away from this website as much as possible. It will only waste your time and money.

Final Verdict:

Not Recommended. Stay Away At All Costs!

Have you or someone else you know fallen for My Home Job Search. If so, I would love to hear from you. Just leave me a detailed comment below telling me about your experience.


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