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So yet again I find myself confronted with another news scam, but this time I happened to chance about it on Facebook. Upon going to the site I knew I had seen it once before and yet again it looks identical to other news sites I have reviewed. The guy who is making these sites sure doesn’t understand how to at least be smart and change up his tactic…

So, without wasting any more time, here is my honest review


Website URL:

Owner: Unknown

Advertised Price: Free To Join

Overall Rating: 0 out of 100 Points

Verdict: Blatant Scam!

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Program Overview

Just like all of the other news “reading” sites that I have had the pleasure to review, is a website that offers people the chance to earn cash for reading the news. While the pay seems great the real treat is in the referral program where you can earn up to $35 for every referral. The payout period differs as you can only cash out when you reach $2,300 or less and must wait a time period of 14 days.

So the question is, is a scam?

Well, yeah it is….sorry to break it to you. Website Website

Pros Vs. Cons


  • Easy to sign up
  • Easy way to make cash
  • Great referral incentives
  • This opportunity can pretty much sell itself



So, How Do I Know Is A Scam?

Well, I know this is a scam because of the basic look of the site…and I have seen it all before. Just take a look for yourself!

Look Familiar?


They Could Be Twins...Wait...THEY ARE!
They Could Be Twins…Wait…THEY ARE!

However, I know that may not be enough for you, so here are some more facts…

1. The Owner of This Site, Own Multiple Identical Looking Sites…All With A Bad Rap

Like I have stated before, this is not the first time I have come across this website and it probably won’t be the last. These so called “news sites” all have a bad reputation thus far of not paying their affiliates for their efforts and I am 100% positive this will be the same with

2. Minimal Content

If you have gone through the website yourself then you have probably noticed that the content you are supposed to read in order to make money is about a sentence or two in length. Come on, even I know you guys can’t fall for this. Haven’t you asked yourself once if that was all that you had to do? I have been online marketing for years and I know a too good to be true opportunity when I see it. There is no way you can make $7-$9 just by reading a sentence or two. IF it was that easy then the owner himself or herself would lose money. Sorry it is impossible!

3. The Sign Up Process is Way Too Easy

Didn’t you notice that the only thing you had to offer was your name, email and paypal email? Did you notice how you were not asked to confirm your account, supply your address, supply a tax ID number or supply a phone number?

Reputable companies that offer referral programs like this ALWAYS ask for this information. The fact that this site doesn’t is very questionable.

My Final Opinion

Honestly, this website is a SCAM. I have reviewed other sites identical to this one and they all turned out to be scams. The fact that these sites keep cropping up and people STILL fall for it is beyond my understanding. I just hope that with this review you won’t become another one of these victims.

Final Verdict:


Blatant Scam. BEWARE!!!

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Have you fallen victim to the scam? If so I would love to hear from you. Drop me a comment in the comment’s section below!


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