Partner with me: no need to invest any money, just your time

Hi there!

So if you can’t afford the premium membership on Wealthy Affiliate we have the perfect option for you.

I still want you to succeed and because of this, I will help you with everything to make money.

If is your first time trying to make money online, it will probably be very hard, why not partner up with somebody that makes a living from earning money online? Especially since you don’t even need to invest 1 cent. Partnering up with me will increase your odds to succeed dramatically.

Here we will create a partnership to create our own website where the ownership is split 50/50 between you and me.

Note: this is a limited time offer, so don’t waste time, join this unique opportunity to make money.

What is this about?

I want to create a website with you from scratch where you own 50% and I own 50%. My tasks are highly technical and yours are just about writing content in a word document. I will setup the website and everything else required to run smoothly.

I plan to make a few hundred USD monthly and after that a few thousands. We will split this 50/50.

What is in for you?

  • You will become 50% owner of the new website (custom domain, .com or similar) we create together.
  • You get 50% of the lifetime profits paid in your preferred way.
  • You don’t need to pay anything upfront or even later on (I will pay for the domain, hosting and much more, see below).
  • You don’t need to know anything about websites or anything technical, I will take care of everything for you. You just write content.
  • Risk-free and no money investment needed.

What I will offer to you?

  • Custom .com, .net or .org domain.
  • Premium hosting.
  • Premium website template.
  • Marketing and niche research.
  • I will take care of all the technical stuff, you focus on the content.
  • I will research keywords.
  • I will do SEO.
  • I will do social media marketing.

What you will need to offer?

  • You will write high-quality content about a niche after we discuss.
  • You need to be available to write at least 1 article per week. (the more, the more money we make).
  • Good English knowledge.
  • Social media marketing (I teach you step by step what to do).

How do I start?


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