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  • Great earning potential
  • The sign up is easy and free
  • This opportunity can sell itself



Here is yet another news site review for you guys. This time we have a new news site called and guess what? It look very similar to nearly every other news website I have reviewed. Most likely you have seen an ad on that looks very similar to this: Craigslist
If you have come across this then hold on to your hats. Let’s jump right into my honest review.



Website URL:

Owner: Unknown

Advertised Price: Free

Overall Rating: 0 Out Of 100 Points

Verdict: SCAM!

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Program Overview is an online news website that claims to pay you about $5-$7 for every news article that you read. On top of it all this site claims that it will pay you up to $150 for every person that you refer to this program along with earning up to 10% of their earnings in the process. Homepage Homepage

Now, I know you are probably thinking this is the most amazing affiliate opportunity out there, but just think about this for a moment. This is one of those programs that is just too good to be true.

Pros. Vs. Cons.


  • Great earning potential
  • The sign up is easy and free
  • This opportunity can sell itself




How Do I Know Is A Scam?

There are many reasons as to why I know is a scam. Let’s just take a look at some of these reasons.

1. Scam Advisor Warning

Just by taking a look at Scam Advisor, you can get a general idea of what this website truly is. Just take a look below at what I found on this website. ScamAdvisor

First you will notice that this website is only about 28 days old, yet the website claims that it has been around since 2014. Also this website claims to be located in Brooklyn, New York yet the website is being hosted in the Ukraine. That should set off a few red flags right off the bat.

2. Looks Identical To Other News Sites

If you take a simple look at the homepage of this website, you will notice that it looks IDENTICAL to other know news reading sites that have been classified in the past as scams. Just look at the pics below to see what I am talking about. homepage Homepage


All of the sites that I have posted above are known scam sites and have been reported by thousands of people as to not paying their affiliates for their work. So if these sites have yet to shell out a dime to their affiliates, what is to say that won’t do the same?

3. The News Articles Are Not News Articles

I have read many news articles in the past and I can tell you from experience that the “news articles” that you will find on this site should not even be classified as news articles. News articles are usually a couple of paragraphs to a page or two in length. These articles….they are only a sentence or two in length. Here’s one news article from news articles news articles news articles

I’m sorry, I have been working online for a long time and I can tell you from experience that it is not that easy to make money online. It is TOO easy and just impossible. If it were that easy to make money online, no affiliate out there would be struggling.

My Final Opinion

Ok, I have done so many of these reviews on these news sites so I can tell you from experience that I know this is a 100% scam. The other sites that look identical to this one have yet to shell out any money to their affiliates so I know this one will not do so either. If I were you I would save my time and energy to promote a program that will actually work for you and pay you when they say they are going to.

Final Verdict:


100% Scam! Beware!

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Have you fallen victim to the scam? If so, I would love to hear from you! Just drop me a detailed comment below.


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