Pure Leverage System Review: Is It Another Scam?

Pure Leverage System


Overall Rating



  • Easy to follow A to Z guide
  • Starting price is very low compared to competitors


  • You will not make 100% comission
  • You will be bullied and threatened by other members if you ask for help
  • Program is not well put together with many sections still missing
  • Other reviews that you will find on this system are false

Product Name:  Pure Leverage

Website:  www.pureleverage.com

Price: $24.95

Owners: Joel Therien

Overall Rank: 15 out of 100

Verdict: SCAM!


Product Overview

When you first come across this system it is advertised as being the one and only program that you will ever need to begin making money online, but does it really stand up to the hype? This program was first launched into the online community in early 2013 and came at a cheap price of $24.95 which is pretty low considering that many other MLM style companies cost much more than that to get started.

The way that you can make money from this system is by marketing the various tools that they offer such as video emailing services, lead capture tools and auto-repsonse tools. While the quality of these products could be worse, the company itself is what scared me the most as you are not told up front what it is you will even being doing with them.

There are a variety of reasons as to why this company caused me to become concerned and as we go through this full Pure Leverage System review you will learn why I was concerned for yourself

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Pros vs. Cons


-A study guide is provided and that is an A to Z style format

-The cost of this program is overall much lower than the competition out there today


-While the program claims that you can make 100% commission, you will have to read the fine print to learn the truth for yourself. In the fine print you will see that the 100% commission payout is only for top level affiliates and is only granted for a limited amount of time.

-Many aspects of this program that is designed to help you and that is listed has yet to become available to members

-Many other reviews that you will find about this program are absolutely false with many of them making claims about “how much money you can make with the program” and often times these reviews are written in an aggressive manner.

-If you approach the owner and make a claim about the legality of the program he will take on an aggressive stance and often threaten you with legal action if you criticize him.

Unfortunately in this situation the cons outweigh the pros and you are soon going to realize what you will go through if you decide to join the pure leverage system and exactly how much money you will lose in the process.

Who Is This For?

This program was intended to be used by any marketer regardless of the kind of experience they may have had in the past. However, without having a real product or service to promote many potential clients that you may encounter won’t even have use for the tools you are selling so the likelihood that you will make even some extra cash is very slim at best.

How You Are Supposed To Be Paid

As you can see from the picture above your whole purpose once you enroll in this program is to just sell the program itself…that’s it. This causes a huge problem and bad reputation for MLM companies such as this because most of the time these companies offer products and services that are both inferior and expensive which many customers will not buy anyway.

Training and Tools

The tools that Pure Leverage offers for you to help sell this program to other and that they claim to be very effective:

1. The Elite Coaching Program-this training is also known as attraction marketing which helps you to market this program to others. This training focuses primarily on attracting new referrals to the program to build your dowline rather than selling them products that should be of high quality.

2. Lead Capture System-if you are not good at building a high quality website this system is supposed to help you attract people to your capture pages. However, this is more for lazy marketers as everything is pretty much automated and geared towards promoting Pure Leverage to others.

3. Blog-like many MLM companies out there today Pure Leverage will give you your own authority blog to use to help promote Pure Leverage to your referrals. While a blog certainly helps to grow your own online business these blogs are only for those promoting this system. It will not help you to market or promote other products and niches.

Many of the complaints that you will find for Pure Leverage center around having issues with a blog and many members complain of too much downtime on their sites and that it takes days for the issue to be resolved.

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 1.37.40 PM

4. Traffic Generation Software-when it comes to driving traffic to your site there is no magic button or system that can do this. The key is to create high quality content that helps your visitors. Also the Alexa Ranking of your website does not mean a damn thing. Google ranking and Alexa ranking are two different things and increasing your Alexa Rank does not necessarily mean that you will increase your conversions and make money. However, Pure Leverage claims that they can help boost your Alexa ranking and they claim that this will help you to make real money online.



If you want hands on support as you try to run your own online business, you will not find it with Pure Leverage. In fact what you will find is a lot of accusatory remarks and little to no help at all. The primary support system you will find here is the use of a forum which is publicly known for members being attacked by other members and even the owner himself. Can you tell me what kind of support system this is? Does it sound like they want to help you make money online and succeed in your career goals? I don’t think so.


$24.95-while the price is stated to be this, it is just the beginning. Just to join the online community costs this amount but if you want to become an affiliate marketer and sell one or more of their products you will have to pay an additional $19.95 in order to do so rounding out the total to $44.95 per month.

My Final Opinion

In my honest opinion Pure Leverage is a piece of pure shit…literally. While some of the tools that they offer are adequate at best you simply are not making money promoting anything that is even worth a damn. The support system is crap and the overall program is crap. If you really want to make money online, there are better opportunities out there. Avoid this program at all time.

My Verdict



SCAM! Stay away from this program at all costs!

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Have you been scammed by the Pure Leverage system? Have you had any success with it? Regardless, I would love to hear from you. Simply drop me a detailed comment below.


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