Swagbucks Review: How Much Swag Does It Really Have?



Overall Rating



  • Free to start
  • Can earn rewards for doing what you already do on a daily basis
  • Given 30 free rewards the moment you sign up


  • Limited mobile use
  • Takes a long time to build up rewards that you can use
  • It is easy to get blocked by this site

Name: Swagbucks

Website: www.swagbucks.com

Price: FREE

Owners: Josef Gorowitz, Eron Zehavi, Ron Leshem and Scott Dudelson

Rank: 60 out of 100



Program Overview

Swagbucks is an online community that is essential an online rewards system that allows its members to earn virtual money that can easily be converted into real rewards. There are many different ways in which a member can earn Swagbucks:

-Using Swagbucks custom search engine-whenever a user uses the Swagbucks custom search engine, they will be rewards with a random amount of Swagbucks Offers

-Users can complete different offers to be rewarded with Swagbucks.

-Swagbucks TV-users can watch videos on a platform similar to that of YouTube and they can earn rewards from it.

-Taking Surveys

-Shopping Online-users will receive a set amount of Swagbucks per every dollar they spend on a purchase.

-Completing Tasks-users can complete simple daily tasks to earn rewards.

-Play Video Games

-Referral Program-users can earn rewards by referring other people.

-Swag Codes-small codes can be found periodically on the site and in turn can be entered for small Swagbucks rewards.

-Random Winner Every Hour-rewards can only be redeemed if the user is logged in at the time and if their username and avatar picture is displayed in the Hourly Winner’s Section.


Pros vs. Cons



-Users can earn rewards for things they are already doing on a daily basis

-There are different ways users can use and spend their rewards.

-When a user signs up they are given 30 Free Swagbucks rewards.


-It takes a long time to build up rewards that users can use.

-The Gift Cards that are handed out are limited.

-If you search for something strange it can get a user blocked from using the site.

-Very limited mobile site.


Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 2.10.24 PM
Swagbucks Dashboard


Who Is It For?

The Swagbucks program can be used by anybody who owns a computer and who wishes to earn some cash for things they are already doing on a daily basis.



The only real way of communicating between other members on this site is via the Swagbucks forum on the website. If you wish to talk with the owners of the site, you will most likely online see them on both YouTube videos or videos that are upon their own website. If there is an issue that comes up, members can contact help support via an e-mail system.



Completely and 100% FREE!


Final Opinion

Swagbucks is definitely a fun program to use. However, earning actual usuable rewards take a long time unless you really put the time into it which can pretty much mean spending 16 hours a day in front of your computer screen. Nobody really has time for that. This program is simply made to be a fun way to earn some extra cash and rewards. It is not to make you a rich success overnight. Keep that in mind!



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Are you a current member of Swagbucks? Do you love it? Or do you hate it? Either way I would love to hear from you. Don’t hesitate to drop me a detailed comment below, even if you just want to bitch about the program.


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