The Excel Cash Flow Scam: Beware This Blatant Scam!

Excel Cash Flow


Overall Rating



  • None


  • Stock photos are used frequently
  • Link posting DOESN’T work
  • Sets unrealistic expectations on how much money you can truly make online
  • TONS of bad reviews
  • This website has gone under many different aliases

When I first heard about Excel Cash Flow, it was thanks to a visitor here at my site. The first thing they want to know was whether or not Excel Cash Flow is a scam or if Excel Cash Flow is Legitimate. Upon looking at the Excel Cash Flow system myself I soon realized how similar it looked when I suddenly realized that I had seen this program before…but under a different name…

Without further ado here is my honest Excel Cash Flow system review. Let’s get right into it!


Name: Excel Cash Flow

Website URL: or

Advertised Price: $97 and Downsell of $27

Overall Rating: 0 Points Out of 100

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Program Overview

Excel Cash Flow is nothing but a program that claims you can make $15 per link that you post, as long as you follow their specific instructions. This program was started by a woman named “Cami White” but she also goes by a variety of different names such as “Debbie Jones.”

Excel Cash Flow website

Pros Vs. Cons


  • None that I could find.


  • This website has gone under many different aliases
  • Sets unrealistic expectations on how much money you can truly make online
  • TONS of bad reviews
  • Link posting DOESN’T work
  • “Make money or it’s free” Guarantee is not really guaranteed
  • Stock photos are used frequently


Who Is It For?

This program is targeting those who are looking to make money online and those who are looking to make money online relatively fast. This is targeting mostly newbie affiliate marketers as most experienced marketers will know to stay away from a crappy system like this.


Don’t think that with this program you are going to get excellent customer support because you won’t. Even when you call to get a refund for your money you will be connected to individuals who will try to sell you even higher priced items, claiming that they will make you even more money. Don’t fall for this crap!

Why I Know This Is A Scam

There are many reasons as to why I know for a fact this program is a scam. Let’s just start with the basics for now.

1. This Website Goes By Multiple Aliases

If you look at the general layout of this site’s landing page, you will see that it looks damn near IDENTICAL to other sites I have reviewed in the past. The one site that comes to mind when it comes to looking identical is Work At Home University which taught the exact same technique of posting links to make money online.

2. Link Posting Itself Just Doesn’t Work

If you want to be real about this, link posting in itself is a SCAM! While I know this concept may sound awesome and easy, it is not as lucrative as this site is making it seem. For example, Excel Cash Flow claims that you can make $15 per link that you post. So, if you post 15 links in 1 hour, you can make as much as $225.

Many websites such as this one will claim that there is a very high demand for this service when in all reality, there is no demand. A few years ago this technique would have worked, but with the way Google works nowadays it won’t make you even a cent.

The truth of the matter is that you won’t get paid for every link that you post. The only way that you will make money is if those links stay where you post them which is much more difficult then you may realize, especially with community flagging and most websites not allowing spam.


This program uses a down selling technique that is common among many scam programs out there. For starters the price has an “estimated” value of $197 (which I don’t buy for a second). Then it is sold at first at $97 before dropping the price dramatically to $27. If the program was as good as the owner claims it to be, wouldn’t you think the original price tag of $97 is well worth the investment?

It would be if it wasn’t such a crappy program.

Excel Cash Flow Complaints

Not surprisingly, many of the Excel Cash Flow complaints that you will find for this program come from those who have tried the program for themselves and realized how they were being scammed and most of them are bad reviews.

Just take a look for yourself what some people are saying about Excel Cash Flow below.

Excel Cash Flow Complaints

Excel Cash Flow Complaints

Excel Cash Flow Complaints

Excel Cash Flow Complaints

Excel Cash Flow Complaints

My Final Opinion

Honestly, I think this program is absolute crap. First of all it lies constantly to your face with every word that comes up on the page, from the unrealistic expectations that it sets up to even the photos that it uses. Plus, this website has gone by many other names that all turned out to be scams as well.

In my honest opinion, I wouldn’t fall for this crap. You won’t make the shit ton of money this person is promising you, nor will you ever make money online using link posting techniques. Save your time, energy and money and use a program that will actually teach you how to make money online.

Final Verdict:


Blatant Scam! Beware!

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Did you fall victim to Excel Cash Flow? If so, I would love to hear from you! Drop me a comment below!


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