Video Titan 3.0 Review-Is Video Titan 3.0 Actually Worth $6,000 A Month?

Video Titan 3.0


Overall Rating



  • Offers 6 different programs for the price of one
  • You can learn some helpful information in regard to video marketing
  • The niche and keyword tool are helpful


  • “Done For You” Videos will only fail you in the long run
  • Most of the information you learn can be found online for free
  • Product mostly made so you can promote Video Titan

As many of the visitors on this website are aware, I am no novice to video marketing. I currently have 4 different YouTube channels, all tailor made to help run my business. It is no secret that video marketing online can help to boost any online business and help make you sales, the problem is that many people don’t know how to use this marketing strategy effectively.

That is when many people turn to programs like Video Titan 3.0, because they believe that it will somehow help them to conquer video marketing.

So, is Video Titan 3.0 worth your time? Or is it better to learn video marketing all on your own?

Let’s jump right into my honest Video Titan 3.0 review to find out!


Name: Video Titan 3.0

Website URL:

Owner: Unknown

Advertised Price: $25 Click This Link.00

Overall Rating: 25 Points out of 100 Points

Verdict: Legit, But Not Worth Your Money

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Product Overview

Video Titan 3.0, just as the name implies, is another relaunching of the original Video Titan product. It is a product that contains 6 software in one, all designed to help take your video marketing to the next level. According to the website with the help of this program, you can easily make $6,000 a month, but unfortunately this product does not live up to this promise.

Video Titan 3.0 Review

Pros. Vs. Cons.


  • Offers 6 different programs for the price of one
  • You can learn some helpful information in regard to video marketing
  • The niche and keyword tool are helpful


  • “Done For You” Videos will only fail you in the long run
  • Most of the information you learn can be found online for free
  • Product mostly made so you can promote Video Titan


Training and Support

While the creators of Video Titan claim that they offer exclusive training, the training itself is nothing new that you can’t find online for free. Not only does this site claim that it can teach you to make profitable videos from scratch (which you can learn from any online tutorial on YouTube), but it can teach you how to find the perfect niche for your videos, conduct keyword research, and learn how to drive traffic to your products by using the system.

Again, as I have said, while the training itself is…ok…it could be a hell of a lot better. As I have said, most of the so-called “training” can easily be found online for free. While it may take some time to learn this stuff on your own, it is not impossible.

As far as support goes, this product fails in that department. The only kind of support that you will find is a basic email ticketing system which can take a few days to get a response from. There is no online chat, forum or even social media page to seek help. So, if you ever have any issues with this program, forget about getting help to get those issues resolved.


The one thing I can say about this program is that there are plenty of tools that are offered in this program. The other tools that are offered within the main Video Titan 3.0 program include:

1. Tube Titan

This tool is primarily used to help find the best performing videos on YouTube based upon the keyword that you input. The main reason for this tool is so that you can see for yourself the competing video and “steal” ideas from it. Can be useful to make your videos stand above the competition.

2. Animated Video Creator

It is so secret that animated videos can perform better than boring text videos, so this is one tool that I actually like. With the help of this tool you have access to 30 customizable animated templates so you can make the videos based on whatever product or program you are promoting. While this can certainly be used for YouTube, I only recommend using this tool upon your own websites.

3. Click Video Page Creator

If you are the type of person that creates many landing pages for their marketing campaigns, then this is one tool that may be useful for you. With the help of this tool you will be able to use 10 customizable templates to insert videos into your landing pages. Each of these templates even come with affiliate campaigns that you can use to promote a variety of products listed on ClickBank and JVZoo.

Video Titan 3.0 Review

4. Tube Traffic

While the name of this tool may be different than what you are expecting, this can prove to be a beneficial tool if used properly. With the help of this tool it will help you to add annotations into your videos using images or buttons to help boost engagement on your videos. Of course, you can do this for free once you upload a video onto YouTube using the creator settings.

5. Video Dynamite

This is a desktop style tool that you can use to add any text to your videos. To be honest, this is one of those tools that I think is completely useless. There is really no point to it, especially if you have a good editing software for your videos or use the tools with your YouTube creator dashboard.

6. Titan Theme

The only purpose of this tool is to help maximize your WordPress website so that you can add some aesthetic visual to your videos for the sole purpose of boosting views and conversions on your website.


What I Don’t Like About Video Titan 3.0

There are many things that I don’t like about this program. Let me just tell you a few of the things I am not a fan of.

You Don’t Need This Product To Make Killer Marketing Videos

Unlike what this program would have you believe, you really don’t need this product to create awesome marketing videos on YouTube. While there are a few helpful tools that you are given with the low price that you pay, you can easily make these types of videos for both YouTube and your website yourself, using the right editing tools and landing page templates.

Why pay money for this product when you can do all of this yourself for free?

What This Product Doesn’t Tell You

There are a few things that this product does not tell you in terms of success with video marketing: there are many things that videos cannot help you with.

For example, in my experience if you do not add quality content to your videos, you will only get a handful of views which is not enough to make you the $6,000 a month this program swears you can make. In my experience, just adding reviews on products and promoting them with adding your own unique and quality content to it is enough to get your videos flagged. Not to mention that those who are promoting others products may just flag your videos to have them taken down.

Video marketing, if used correctly can be successful. However, you need to add more thought to your videos to help your viewers rather than sell to them in order to stand above your competition.

My Final Opinion

Take this from someone who has made plenty of converting videos on YouTube and has 2 VERY successful YouTube Channels: you don’t need this product to make killer marketing videos. Even though Video Titan 3.0 does have plenty of handy tools that you can utilize to make your videos more appealing, you really don’t need this program. Just by learning how to do it yourself can save you a ton of money in the long run.

With this said, this is one product that I can’t recommend. It is just a waste of money and in no means will help you to make the $6,000 it promises. Save your money and just learn how to make videos yourself.

Final Verdict:

Legit, But Not Worth The Money

Have you tried Video Titan 3.0? If so, what did you think of it? I would love to hear from you! Just drop e a detailed comment below!


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