WeekofNews.com Review: Can You Really Get Paid Reading The Weekly News?



Overall Rating



  • Free to sign up
  • Easy work involved
  • “Pays” via Paypal which is very convenient


  • $7,000 minimum payout (highest in the affiliate world today)
  • Nobody has been paid to date

WeekofNews.com is yet another news reading site I was asked to review by a few people who were concerned about whether or not this was a scam.

So, what did I find out?

Let’s jump right into my honest WeekofNews.com review to find out!


Name: Week of News

Website URL: www.weekofnews.com

Owner: Unknown

Advertised Price: Free To Sign Up

Overall Rating: 0 Points Out of 100 Points

Final Verdict: 100% PHISHING SCAM

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Program Overview

Weekofnews.com is an online website that claims to give people the chance to earn between $7 to $9 for every piece of news you read. On top of that this website claims to offer and affiliate program where affiliates $150 for every person they refer.

WeekofNews.com Review

With the fact that this program is free to sign up for and offers one of the “best” affiliate programs on the web today, this seems like one hell of an opportunity. Too bad it is a scam…

Pros. Vs. Cons.


  • Free to sign up
  • Easy work involved
  • “Pays” via Paypal which is very convenient


  • $7,000 minimum payout (highest in the affiliate world today)
  • Nobody has been paid to date


How Do I know WeekofNews.com Is A Scam?

There are many different reasons as to why I know WeekofNews.com is a scam. Here are just a few of those reasons.


One of the main reasons I know that Weekofnews.com is a scam is the overall design of this site. Unlike other websites, this website is IDENTICAL in every way to other news reading sites I have come across. The problem here is that the other websites have been known to not pay any of their affiliates and to date they owe over 1 million in affiliate commissions.


Pros-news.com Homepage
Pros-news.com Homepage

News-level.com homepage

The main problem with this is that if the other news reading sites that look identical to this one haven’t paid up, who is to say that this one will be any different.

2. The Website Info Doesn’t Match Up

If you head on over to the About Company section on this website, you will find a sentence that reads: “The company was founded in Brooklyn, NEW YORK City in 2014. At present, it is one of the leading news agency of the USA.”

Not only is this sentence horrific when it comes to simple spelling and grammar, but it is also not true.

When you look at the domain information listed on ScamAdvisor.com, not only is this “company” not located anywhere in The United States, but the owner himself or herself is using an IP address changer to cloak where they are actually located.

WeekofNews.com Review

Honestly, if this was a “legit” business, the domain information for this website would not look as sketchy as it does and the owner would not be using an IP address changer. Just my opinion….

3. The News Articles Aren’t Actually News Articles

Have you ever read an article in your local newspaper before? If so, then you know from experience that most news articles can range anywhere between a couple of paragraphs long to even a couple of pages long. However, on Weekofnews.com, none of the articles are remotely that long. They are only a sentence or two in length.

WeekofNews.com ReviewWeekofNews.com Review

Not only is this NOT a news articles, but it is also impossible for you to earn as much money as the company is offering for just reading a sentence or two. It is just not that easy to make money online. If it was, everybody would be making money online today.

4. This Website and Opportunity Is A Known Phishing Scam

Unfortunately, WeekofNews.com is a known phishing scam that is even warned about by name from both ScamAdvisor and Paypal. Both sites have warned users against giving this site and any other like it your PayPal email address because this company will eventually send you a fraudulent email from PayPal asking you to log into your account. Once you do that the owner of this website then has access to not only your paypal account and the balance, but also any credit cards or bank accounts that you have linked to your Paypal account.

My Final Opinion

After coming across a dozen of these proven scam news reading scams, I can honestly say that WeekoftheNews.com is a scam. Not only will you not get paid for referring people or reading the news, but you could be in for a long phishing scam. Save yourself the headache and avoid this website at all costs.

Final Verdict:


100% Phishing Scam

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Have you fallen prey to the WeekofNews.com scam? If so, I would love to hear about your experience. Let me know in the comments section below!


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