Instant Rewards Review 2015: Can You Truly Make Money In An Instant?

Instant Rewards


Overall Rating



  • Free to sign up
  • Credit Offers are easy to complete
  • Easy to promote
  • Can make as much money as you want
  • Free back office and capture page


  • Must offer credit info to complete offers
  • Many people give up way too early to see success

So, with yesterday’s review success, I decided to talk about another program that I have come across online and that I see many people signing up for and that is Instant Rewards. You will most likely find this program being promoted on many popular social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest. You will also find many ads on Craigslist promoting it.

However, what many of the people fail to tell you about this program is how exactly you will make money with it and when you can expect to see success, expect for me. So, without further ado let’s jump into my honest Instant Rewards Review 2015. Let’s get started!

Name: Instant Rewards

Website Url:

Owner: Unknown

Price: Free to $10 for Offers

Overall Rating: 80 Out of 100


Instant Rewards Program Overview

The basics of Instant Rewards is to get you to promote it to other people, who in turn submit one credit offer and you earn a reward for it. There are many different rewards that are offered for this program such as Paypal payments ranging from $10-$120 per referral, laptop prizes or other prizes such as giftcards, etc.

Instant Rewards!
Instant Rewards!

However, in order to qualify for any of these rewards, you have to do a credit offer yourself. You need to complete 1 credit offer in order to redeem your prizes and to start promoting your affiliate link wherever you can.

Pros Vs. Cons


  • Free to sign up
  • Some credit offers are free to do
  • Easy to promote
  • Probably the easiest money you will make (Well, Instant Rewards 10 is the easiest to promote)
  • Free back office and capture page


  • Many people give up promoting it after 1 to 2 days
  • Have to offer credit card info in order to do offers

Does Instant Rewards Actually Work?

Actually, yes it does and trust me I was surprised by it at first. When you promote Instant Rewards effectively, you can make literally as much money as you want. Of course it all depends on the success of your marketing methods. There are many people today who are successfully promoting this program to others and are making a full-time income from it, myself included.

On top of that Instant Rewards has a solid history of paying its affiliates. Just check out there payment gallery below. Instant Rewards pays daily so you can always rest assured that you will get the money you have earned in a timely manner.

Instant Rewards Payment Proof
Instant Rewards Payment Proof
Instant Rewards Payment Proof
Instant Rewards Payment Proof

However, there have been incidents lately where new referrals are not getting the training they need in order to succeed with Instant Rewards. Instead upon completing their credit offer they are left in the dust by their sponsors and left to figure out everything on their own which helps nobody in the end.

If you decide to sign up with Instant Rewards, you need to make sure that you sign up with a sponsor who will actually show you how to promote it and give you tips to succeed. When you succeed, your sponsor succeeds. That’s it!

The Truth About Instant Rewards

The one mistake that many affiliates of Instant Rewards tend to make is to promote the opportunity as a get rich quick scheme and that is doing nothing but setting up referrals for failure. This is not a program where you can set it and forget. You need to look at it as a job, a business if you will. Yes, you will have to work at getting referrals, yes you will need to TALK to people about the opportunity to get them to sign up and YES YOU WILL HAVE TO PUT IN SOME WORK!

Some of the offers that you have to complete in order to qualify for payment with Instant Rewards
Some of the offers that you have to complete in order to qualify for payment with Instant Rewards

There are many different ways that you can promote this program to others from Craigslist marketing (Which I hate by the way), Social Media Marketing, Classified Ad posting, solo ads, articles, blog posts etc. However, as much work as there might be involved with promoting Instant Rewards, the money you can make is virtually endless. At the end of the day you will be the person that decides how much money you make by how much you put in to promoting this opportunity.

Who Is This Opportunity For?

This opportunity is for anybody who is looking to make real money online and who need to make cash relatively fast, regardless of your online marketing experience. When I first started promoting this program I knew nothing about how to do it successfully. I didn’t have a good sponsor but after learning about online marketing in general, I was able to successfully promote it and make some extra cash every day because of it.

Have I Made Money From This Program?

Yes, I have made money from this program and still continue to make it to this day. On average I make from $50-$120 every day depending on how much I promote it. I do many things online so if I can make a little extra cash here and there by using Instant Rewards, it’s all good to me. See the pic below of me flashing some cash that I was able to make off of this program in about 2 days.

photo (1)
Me flashing some Instant Rewards money that I earned for 1 day
Me flashing some Instant Rewards money that I earned for 2 days of work

My Final Opinion

In my honest opinion, I like Instant Rewards. Again, I have succeeded with making money with it so I have nothing bad to really say about. With that being said I know there are a lot of people out there who have failed with Instant Rewards simply because they were not taught how to market it correctly or they gave up too early to see results. The true key to success with this program is signing up with a sponsor who takes your success seriously and who will actually take the time to get you the training material you need in order to make money with Instant Rewards.

Instant Rewards Bonus!

If you want to sign up with Instant Rewards under me, feel free to sign up by clicking here. If you sign up with me I will not leave you in the dirt. I work hard to get all of my referrals the training they need to succeed. Plus I hold weekly Skype webinars to answer any questions that you may have regarding promotion of the program. But again, that is up to you.

Final Verdict:



You Will only Succeed With The Right Sponsor and The Right Marketing Techniques


Have you tried Instant Rewards? Did you have success with the program? Regardless, I would love to hear from you! Just drop me a detailed comment below.


My name is Nessa and I'm the owner of Make Real Money Online Free. I started my online business in 2013 before the birth of my son and now it is my mission to help newbies start their own businesses and succeed online as I have. Sign up for my #1 recommended training course today and learn how to start your own business doing what you love for FREE.

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  • July 17, 2015 at 2:46 am

    I signed up for this program. I hope I can get others to join but any tips? Can you email me?

    • July 18, 2015 at 1:15 am

      The best tip that I can give is to promote, promote and promote. The more leads that you bring to your landing page, the more income you can make.

  • February 17, 2017 at 3:53 pm

    Hi your refferal link do not work 🙂 please send me again 🙂 thx


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