My Honest Work at Home Institute Review-Does It Never End?

Work at Home Institute


Overall Rating



  • May learn some things about affiliate marketing that you may not have known


  • The price for this crap product that you are buying
  • The program is listed under various aliases
  • Uses a down-selling technique
  • Gives unrealistic expectations about the income you can earn
  • Stock photos used for selling purposes

My Honest Work at Home Institute Review

Just when I thought I had enough of these identical work from home opportunities, I come across yet another one and it makes me want to pull a Picard right now.


Name: Work at Home Institute

Website URL:

Website Owner: “Bobbie Robinson”

Other Known Aliases: Work At Home University, Ultimate Home Profit

Advertised Price: $97

Overall Rating: 0 out of 100 Points
Verdict: Straight Scam!

Program Overview

The Work at Home Institute is a so-called “institute’ that claims to help users how to work from home. With a cost of $97, you would think it actually had some valuable information to offer, but that is simply not the case. This site claims that it can help you land a work-from-home job in just a matter of seconds, making close to $100 an hour.

Pros. Vs. Cons.


  • May learn some things about affiliate marketing that you may not have known


  • The price for this crap product that you are buying
  • The program is listed under various aliases
  • Uses a down-selling technique
  • Gives unrealistic expectations about the income you can earn
  • Stock photos used for selling purposes

Who Is It For?

This program is primarily targeted to any and every person that is looking for a way to earn money online. However, it is specially targeted to those with no experience as those with marketing experience will notice the tactics they use right away.

Tools and Training

Surprisingly, once you pay for admission into the program, you are given a few videos to watch. Unfortunately, the only things these videos teach is about affiliate marketing and even worse these videos make it seem that affiliate marketing is the easiest thing that you can do online when that is far from the case.

Sure, you can make a decent income online as an affiliate marketer, but it is not as easy as this program claims it is.

Aside from some information on affiliate marketing, which can be easily found online for free, you will not find any more training or tools that are actually help in you acquiring an online job that you could do from the comfort of your own home.

What I Don’t Like About Work At Home Institute

There are many things that I absolutely loathe about this program and they include.

1. “Training Videos” Aren’t Original

Sure, while the training videos offered do contain some information regarding affiliate marketing that even I didn’t know, the one thing I noticed at once that it was pre-purchased and not constructed by the owner of the website himself. This type of training was made using a system known as PLR content which means the owner paid a small fee to take content that is most likely on other websites and use it to give his own more appeal.

By the end of the videos you are just left with more questions than solutions.

2. The Support System Is Crap

The so-called “support” that you are promised to receive is nothing more than a standard email ticketing system. The bad part about this is that the moment you fill out one of these support tickets, you are just going to be ignored. There is no one-on-one support from the owner himself, a help forum or even a live chat where you can ask questions.

3. Work at Home Institute Reviews and Complaints From Actual Users

Another thing that I don’t like about this system is the sheer number of complaints left by actual members of the website. Take a look below at some of the complaints people have left about this program.

My damn husband got sucked into this crap and we need to get our money back as soon as possible. The support system has ignored all of our emails. What do we do?


This is not as simple as Bobbie says it is. I forked over the $97 for the info and guess what? They wanted even more money out of me.

-Joyce Keyser

I stumbled onto Work at Home Institute out of pure desperation. I was looking for a way to make legit money from home without a college degree required. My husband was recently diagnosed with CHF and I am currently unemployed. I was convinced after watching the first video and almost fell for it until I began doing my research. Avoid this website at all cost!


Decided to do a bit more research on Work at Home Institute just as I was about to hand over my credit card information. Found out they have an F rating with the Better Business Bureau though they claim to have an A+ rating. What really convinced me it was fake was the fact that when I tried to click out of the window, they immediately lowered the price from $97 to $47. How convenient.

-Patty Sible


After carefully looking at this program, coming across different websites that look identical to this one, taking the price into consideration, taking comments and complaints about this program left by people who lost their money on it and the training provided, I can confidently say that this program is pure crap. Not only will it not help you to land a legit work from home opportunity, but it will leave you with false information such as affiliate marketing is the fastest way to make money online, and will cause you to lose money rather than earn it.

If I were you I would recommend staying as far from this opportunity as possible and instead learn the proper skills to make real money online for free.

Final Verdict

thumbs down

Scam! Stay Far Away From It!

Have you tried the Work at Home Institute? If so, what did you think of it? Let me know in the comments section below.

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