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Contradict - Professional Content & Article Writing Service


We'll write any custom content! This contains articles, blog posts, product descriptions.


Content Writing

We write English, German, Italian, French, Spanish.

All authors are natural speakers

From $0.80 per 100 words for regular writers and up to $3 for authority writers


  • English Content - $0.8 - $3 per 100 words
  • German Content - $3 per 100 words
  • Spanish Content - $3 per 100 words
  • French Content - $3 per 100 words
  • Italian Content - $3 per 100 words


Efficient, high-quality, low-cost translation.

$3/100 words

We will translate from English to German/Italian/Spanish/French, and vice versa.


  • $3 per 100 words


Quick, affordable, professional.

Our top editorial staff was trusted with hundreds of thousands of worldwide papers.


  • $0.75 per 100 words

Strategy For Content

We will study and target relevant keywords with traffic potential and include these terms into your content over time.

Topic Creation

We’ll come up with topicseach month that are relevant to your business and that target the keywords we’ve researched.

How To Order

Drop us an email at info@contradict.netwith the following information:

  • Deadline
  • Number of words
  • Topic
  • Main keyword
  • Other details we might need to know

Payment will be done via paypal or stripe before we start working.

How To Write Quality Content

If you want to make a living, you must learn how to write articles that sell. A well-structured article allows you to use your writing skills to best advantage. Each article you write should include: an appropriate title, an opening paragraph and a closing paragraph. Avoid click bait titles like "She Didn't Know Anyone Was Watching. Until This Happened" and "10 Things Children Do When Their Parents Aren't Looking" Puns, ambiguity, allusion, and humor can all work in a title for a print magazine. Keep your sentences short, coherent and concise.

Each paragraph should have a central idea and support it with facts. Tailor the length of an article to the demands of the market for which it's written. The main body should be coherent, with each idea building on the one before it. Focus on what you are trying to say and say it fully and clearly in the closing paragraph. It's possible your article is not yet in a saleable condition when you submit it.

Be as unforgiving and critical as you dare by proofreading your article three times. Check your article is in keeping with the publisher's guidelines, reads well, is logical, clear, and complete. If there's anything you don't understand, contact the editor and ask for clarification. Print a new copy for each submission you make every day. To keep up a steady flow of saleable articles, you need to know how to do effective market research.

Here are some tips on how to find markets keen to buy your work. Read this next to learn everything you'd like to know about doing just that.

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